My First Blogoversary!

Snap Greene HeadshotHey all! It’s the first blogoversary of my “Moving Happiness Home™” moving blog and all I can say is wow! Wow! Wow! It’s been so much fun writing about moving, California and going green that I wanted to celebrate my first moving blog anniversary with you! Around this time last year I remember a photoshoot with NorthStar Moving® to promote my moving blog and the green moving company sector of the moving process. The photoshoot and moving blog was even Read More

Meet Claire

Claire WinelandSo who is Claire?
That’s an interesting question. To start off I’m 13 years old, my name is Claire, and I have an illness called Cystic Fibrosis, which I was diagnosed with at Birth. It’s interesting because for a lot of people it’s totally different, it’s like, “oh my gosh! She has a disease, take pity on her!” But it’s interesting when you have lived with Read More