After Moving: Finding Green Furniture

Moving sometimes means donating furniture in order to lighten your load while moving. The only problem then is not having furniture in your new home. Since you’re already set on leading a green life, it’s time to find some green furniture to suit your green home. Furniture is difficult to find especially green furniture, because it not only has to fit the space of your home after moving, but be a good fit for you! So here’s some tips to finding green furniture.

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Recycle Cardboard – Become Green!

We at NorthStar Moving® love a lot of things, but there are two things that always make us smile: cardboard and recycling. What happens when you put those two things together? Magic, of course! Art, furniture, vehicles, computers, you name it! Check out how some… Read More

Moving Whether Rain or Shine

All these recent storms have got me thinking about moving during not-so-happy weather. It’s not everywhere that you can have sunshine almost every day. (I love LA!) These conditions always make me thankful that I make it a rule to hire movers when I move.… Read More

Meet Claire

Claire WinelandSo who is Claire?
That’s an interesting question. To start off I’m 13 years old, my name is Claire, and I have an illness called Cystic Fibrosis, which I was diagnosed with at Birth. It’s interesting because for a lot of people it’s totally different, it’s like, “oh my gosh! She has a disease, take pity on her!” But it’s interesting when you have lived with Read More