Art for a Good Cause: CanstructionLA

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create art out of canned food? Wonder no more! This weekend, Angelenos can get a glimpse at some stunning canned food art thanks to the March CanstructionLA Competition (scroll down for the location and time). CanstructionLA is an organization that invites architects, engineers, and designers to create fun and exciting art structures strictly out of canned food! There are even judges to award prizes to the best canned food art display. Read More

Holiday Food Drive: Let’s Send Hunger Packing!

Are you counting down till the holidays? I know I am! Family, friends and lots of food make this time of the year special. But what if you had nothing to put on your table this holiday season? It’s hard to imagine, but those struggling to find their next meal aren’t just the homeless people on the street anymore, in these difficult times, millions of everyday people are struggling to feed their families. Read More