When does the Spring begin?

Spring is already in the air. Everything is green all around, and you can see on some trees the first tiny green leaves springing to life on branches that have stood bare for months. The swallows are coming back. It is amazing how they always… Read More

Color your Food Green this St. Patrick’s Day!

When is a holiday not actually a holiday? Well, when it’s St. Patrick’s Day! It’s not quite an official U.S.  Holiday, but we certainly celebrate it as it’s the most celebrated non-government holiday in our country! If you didn’t already know, St. Patrick’s Day is a day of green!  Everybody tries to wear at least a splash of green and many get together with friends for a party or head out to the St. Patrick’s Day parades! Read More

A Very Vegan Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Everyone loves to go out and take their special loved one out to dinner or treat them out somewhere special?  But what if you’re Vegan and there are not that many places that cater to Vegans, so why… Read More

Fun Events in LA in Winter

There’s nothing quite like moving in Los Angeles during winter, mostly because, winter is not hard to deal with. The temperature drops a bit, it will rain for a bit, and it gets pretty windy. Altogether, Los Angeles has a very mild winter which means… Read More

Fashion Gets You Moving into Your New Home

When you’ve decided to get moving, you want to get moving in style. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to think about how to transition to a new home and looking and to change the way we look and feel about ourselves. Have no fear! There are people who can help you get moving in style! Stylists can help you de-clutter what you don’t need and help you create a stylish wardrobe while moving. If you’re in need of wardrobe assistance, consider getting fashion Read More

An Eco-friendly New Year’s Eve

It’s the end of the year! Time to celebrate and throw festive parties! Why not throw an eco-friendly New Year’s Eve party and go green for the New Year? Snap Greene here to show you more ways to be eco-friendly and how to host a super fun eco-friendly party! Read More