People Who Move Us: Miry Whitehill-Ben Atar – The Founder Of Miry’s List

Miry Whitehill-Ben Atar moves us by making a difference in the lives of recent refugees to the U.S. Through her non-profit called Miry’s List, Miry has started a movement that crowdsources donated supplies for refugee families that help them rebuild their lives.Miry_movingpeople_meme_2017

How It All Began

In 2016 Miry met a family of refugees from Syria and learned not only of the hardships they endured in their war-torn home countries but also the challenges of starting over in a new country. She discovered many refugees don’t even have basic childcare needs for their young children or household supplies. Miry was so impacted that she took to her own Facebook page and asked her friends to donate items for the children. Like her, many of her friends wanted to help and quickly got involved by making donations. Soon she was posting for other families that were also in great need. Thanks to the great response of friendly neighbors and friends, Miry found everything from furniture to diapers for the families. This is how Miry’s List was born.

What’s Next For Miry’s List

Miry has taken the stigma away from refugee issues and made her organization about the families and children. Instead of referring to the families as refugees, Miry prefers to call those that have made it to safety here in the U.S. “recent arrivals.” Miry’s List is also bringing the community together through her upcoming fundraising dinner called “Ana Huna” meaning “I’m here” in Arabic.  Guests will experience food, culture and here from new arrival families and their experience directly. Join this special night and show your support by getting your tickets for June 18th.

NorthStar Moving picking up donationsCurrently, Miry is working with Microsoft to design an app to help streamline the families’ list of needs and the donation process. The challenges have been the logistics of storing items and getting the furniture and other household items to the families. NorthStar Moving is helping with the greater Los Angeles area moving needs. Miry’s List is seeking additional funding and storage space to help with more logistical costs.

How You Can Help

Do you love online shopping? Then you’ll love making donations on the Amazon wish lists. Once you’ve made your donation share the list with others. If you live in the Southern CA area, buy your tickets for the Ana Huna dinner on June 18th and find out how you can volunteer locally. You can follow Miry’s List on Facebook to see all the families and the lists that need fulfilling.

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