Happy 19th Birthday Claire!

Happy 19th Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday Claire! What a great year it’s been. You’ve traveled a lot this past year and inspired people all over the world. Over the years you’ve learned a lot, and have always shared your words of wisdom. You’ve said everything from the silly to the profound. We picked out a few of our favorite gems. Without further ado, here are 19 things that Claire declares:

  1. ClaireThe stuff worth doing in your life is the stuff that you’re called to do because you feel like the world needs it.
  2. I have lived an incredible life because I am sick, and because I have suffered. Every good thing that has come out of my life has come from the pain that I felt.
  3. Stop letting other people make you feel small.
  4. Even if you’re not perfect all the time, the world’s still going to accept you.
  5. Stop reading the ends of books first, you little impatient brat.
  6. Living your life with your body not working properly, makes you appreciate it so much.
  7. The problem with looking at things with such a black and white, good and bad kind of mentality is that we forget, no matter what circumstance you’re in: you are learning things
  8. Don’t let death make decisions for you.
  9. You have to know how to ask for help. You have to know when to be weak and when to be vulnerable.
  10. Be yourself, love yourself for who you are.
  11. There is no situation too terrible to laugh about.
  12. Your body doesn’t have to be perfect looking to work and be proud of it.
  13. There is nothing in life you can fully predict.Claire
  14. When you have tons of free time, you get into a lot of weird stuff.
  15. You know what the best thing about the hospital is? The connections you make. You kind of make amazing memories there that you never would make in your regular day to day life.
  16. Being sick gives you this opportunity to spread a message and make an impact. I have people listening, and that’s always been a real blessing.
  17. Our bodies aren’t here to be beautiful…they’re here to be a piece of art, to keep us going, to show everything that we’ve done, everything that we’ve been through.
  18. We are both the creators and observers of our universe.
  19. Life does not go on hold just because you’re suffering.

We hope you have a great time celebrating Claire! Happy Birthday! You’re a true inspiration :) Help us wish Claire a happy birthday and share your favorite thing about Claire in the comments section below!