18 Things We De-claire We Love about Claire

Happy 18th birthday Claire!!!! Woohoo! In celebration of Claire, we’d like to share 18 things she’s accomplished. Claire Wineland is a spectacular 18-year-old living with Cystic Fibrosis. We first met Claire when we provided our moving muscles to the Make-A-Wish Foundation so they could grant her a wish for a room makeover. A few years ago she founded Claire’s Place Foundation, her own non-profit organization that helps children and families affected by Cystic Fibrosis. The rest, as they say, is history. Here are 18 Amazing things Claire Wineland has accomplished:

  1.  CW LibraryShe started the non-profit Claire’s Place Foundation to help children and families affected by cystic fibrosis.
  2. This year alone the foundation has been awarded three grants!
  3. She’s been featured on the Dr. Oz show.
  4. She’s been featured on CNN.
  5. She’s a published author!
  6. She’s been featured in Ladies’ Home Journal.
  7.  She’s been featured in People.
  8. She made a guest appearance on the hit TV show Red Band Society.
  9. She organized a Glow Ride Fundraiser for her foundation.
  10. She organized a Flash Mob.
  11. She’s been a Make-a-Wish recipient.
  12. She’s given two TED Talks, It’s Just a Disease and Life of Impact.
  13. She organized a poker event to raise money for the foundation.
  14. Her foundation has made a difference to several families living with CF.
  15. stonehengeShe’s spoken at Pepperdine University about CF.
  16. She’s visited Stonehenge on the vernal equinox during an eclipse.
  17. She came out of a month long coma at age 13, and her experience helped actress, Patricia Hastie in her research for her role in the Academy Award winning movie, The Descendants.
  18. She makes countless videos encouraging all teens and families with CF!

We hope you have a great time celebrating Claire! Happy Birthday! You’re a true inspiration :) Help us wish Claire a happy birthday and share your favorite thing about Claire in the comments section below!