An Eco-friendly New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve by Dirty S (CC BY 2.0)

It’s the end of the year! Time to celebrate and throw festive parties! Why not throw an eco-friendly New Year’s Eve party and go green for the New Year? Snap Greene here to show you more ways to be eco-friendly and how to host a super fun eco-friendly party!

I love providing these tips for you, because being green always helps! You are not only contributing to saving the planet, but you can also save your wallet’s life! That being said, here’s tips to have a greener New Year’s Eve!

Keep things eco-friendly by using a simple e-vite or e-card to make sure everyone know where your New Year’s celebrations are.

Recycle Your Cups
An eco-friendly New Year’s party means recycling! (Photo by:e-magic)

When hosting or throwing a New Year’s Eve party, make sure you find bio-degradable cups for all those apple ciders and champagne! Be sure they can be used for compost when they are tossed away. Use bio-degradable plates and utensils. Better yet, reuse glassware. If you don’t own any reusable party tableware, there are companies that let you rent them!

Make recycling easy by having a recycling bin nearby during the New Year’s Eve party.

For decorations, be creative and create them out of recycled materials. Got kids? That’s even better. Have their friends come over to make hand-made decorations and crafts! Use soy-based or bees-wax candles to decorate, and maybe a couple of plants to really keep the green theme going. Consider getting an edible centerpiece to top it off. No need for appetizers when the guests can eat the decorations.

Food Centerpiece
(Photo by: avlxyz)

For the main meal, try to purchase local food, even though its winter, there are still an abundant amounts of fruits and vegetables at your local market. Use this as incentive to introduce organic food to your guests. Maybe try out some of these great vegetarian recipes.

Reusable Water Bottles
Reusuable Water Bottles as a green New Year’s Even party favor! (Photo by: Holly Leighanne)

At the end of the night, encourage everyone to make green New Year’s Resolutions this year, and give out eco-friendly party favors like reusable water bottles! As the ball drops, think about the impact you had on the environment in the past year, and think about ways you can improve it!

Let your eco-friendly New Year’s Eve party set the tone for the rest of the year, and continue the green theme as your New Year’s resolution for 2013! Happy New Year everyone! Hope it’s greener and greater than before!