Giving Women the Power

Women at Work by richard evea (CC BY-SA 2.0)

There is nothing more powerful than a woman with a dream. All around the world, at this very moment, there are millions of women dreaming of starting their own business and watching it grow. And luckily for them, and all of us who reap the… Read More

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Dinner with Friends by Todd Baker

This week is random acts of kindness week! I love this week because there are so many ways to spread kindness. Whether you’re doing it large scale or simply holding the door for someone else, any way you celebrate is great.  Small Random Acts of Kindness It’s… Read More

Get Ready for School!

School supplies

Fall is just around the corner. I can’t wait for school to start again! I bet you’re all excited to be getting back too. There’s plenty that needs to be prepped, but I don’t mind, because starting a new school year is always so much… Read More