Organize Your Home With Color

Day 228: "Everything in its right place" by seanmfreese (CC BY 2.0)

Day 228: "Everything in its right place" by seanmfreese (CC BY 2.0)

Moving to a new home is great, because it is a blank canvas just waiting to personalized and organized. A new home gives you the opportunity to decorate and organize your home just as you’ve always wanted it! One of the best ways to organize is to utilize color. Color offers visual cues that help us identify what goes where. So let’s get moving and organize your home with color! Matching Towels

A Color For Every Person

Assign each person in your household a color in order to keep track of all bathroom items.  You’ll always know which toothbrush is missing or who did not put away their towel. Continue the personal assigned colors with the medicine cabinet. Purchase some colorful dot stickers, and place a dot on each medicine bottle to identify whose medication is whose. Color is definitely your friend when you organize your home.

Kitchen Color Coordination

Different Colored Cutting Boards and Knives
(Photo by: La.Catholique)

To organize your home kitchen, use different colored cutting boards for meats, fruits, and other things to ensure safe preparation. For the refrigerator, purchase glass food containers with colored lids to separate items. Assign a color to each day to remember how old leftovers are. Consider using a dry erase board on your refrigerator. Write down whenever you need to buy something on the dry erase board.

Organize Your Home - Laundry
Different colored baskets can work as well. (Photo by: Andrea_44)

Laundry Room

The laundry is important to organize your home, because it’s a constant in your life. Our very own Laura McHolm, co-founder of NorthStar Moving® has some great advice to help out. “Assign like colors to like things.” Choose a light blue-rimmed canvas tote bag for lights and whites, and choose a dark navy blue option for dark. The color association makes it easy to separate your clothes and keep things tidy and organized.

Home Office

Organize Your Home - Office Files
(Photo by: stopnlook)

Adding some color to a home office not only helps you organize your home, but it also brightens up the decor! Use a different color letter tray to keep things separate – report cards, your family taxes, and bills all organized. Use a color coded filing system. Put urgent files in red, files that need to be stored in blue, and so on. Once the system is set up, stick to it to organize your home office permanently.

Garage Crates
(Photo by: TooFarNorth)


To organize your home, utilize the garage well by storing seasonal items, or if you have kids who play sports, use the garage to store all the equipment. Once again Laura McHolm has great advice. Use clear bins with colored handles to provide instant recognition of which sport is in each bin or use color-coded crates as an inexpensive alternative. Either way items can be tossed in making clean up easy and fun. It doesn’t have to be hard to organize your home.

One of the best times to organize your home is right after moving. A new home offers a new routine, and if you stick to it, organizing your home will become a habit. Any time is a great time to start to organize your home by color, so get organizing! Have you already organized your home? Here’s a post on How to Stay Organized to maintain your home’s happy color organization. If you’ve got any organize your home tips yourself, feel free to leave me a comment below!