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Have a Green Summer

Posted by Snap Greene | Posted in Go Green | Posted on 25-07-2013

SummerThe summer months are in full swing! So what exactly does that mean? Lots of summer sunshine, lots of people moving, and sadly lots of waste. With that in mind, take this chance to have a green summer! Spend your days outside cutting back on waste, helping the environment, and generally making the world a greener place! There are plenty of fun green activities to make your green summer.  The earth will be happy you did.


Adding a touch of nature can bring in breath of fresh air to your home make your green summer.

Backyard Garden Summer 2012

A good start to a green summer is gardening! (Photo by Lori L. Stalteri)

  • Bring some life inside. Get indoor plants to bring in some clean air for a green summer.
  • Consider planting a backyard garden. Grow your own organic vegetables in your backyard and skip having to drive to the grocery store.
  • Have a literal green summer by planting a tree. The shade from a tree can cool down your house and backyard.

Cut Back on Waste

Energy waste harms the environment and your wallet. By cutting back on waste, you’ll also save some money and have a green summer.


Get outside and enjoy a green summer by eating outdoors! (photo by Dana Moos)

  • Unplug all your unused electrical appliances like your toaster, phone charger, and more. Turn the lights off when not in use.
  • Save on electricity by heading outside during the day.  Take advantage of the long summer days and spend meal time outside on the patio.

Stay Cool

While it’s important to have a green summer, it’s also important to stay cool and hydrated. Just make sure you keep it eco-friendly!

Open Window with a fan

Even cats need to stay cool in the green summer. (Photo by Quinn Dombrowski)

  • Use the AC sparingly. Turn on the fans and open your windows. During the day, face your fan outwards and blow out the hot air. During the night, face your fan inwards and let in the cool air to cool down your home.
  • No green summer is complete without running through the sprinklers. Let your kids run through the sprinklers in an area that you already planned to water for 15-20 minutes. It cools you down and keeps your garden growing. If you’d rather not waste water at all, find a local community pool.
  • If you need more tips on staying cool , I’ve got a post on green ways to stay cool in summer.

Places to Go for a Green Summer

Consider going to places that’ll remind you of the beauty of nature and why it’s so important to conserve for a green summer. (Also remember that no matter where you go, you’ll need some sunblock! Be sure to check EWG’s 2013 Guide to Sunscreen.)

Japanese Botanical Garden

I’d love to get moving to this garden for a truly green summer! (Photo by Smart Destinations)

  •  Spend your day at a local park, lake, or preservation area. 
  • Visit a botanical garden, nursery, or organic farm. Learn more about nature by heading to a zoo or museum.
  •  Get moving to the beach! Volunteer to help Heal the Bay! Get moving to their monthly Nothing’ But Sand beach cleanups or Adopt-a-Beach and help out the environment!

Hope everyone has a spectacular green summer!

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