A New Year Moving Toward Green

Go Green!!! by Natesh Ramasamy (CC BY 2.0)

Go Green!!! by Natesh Ramasamy (CC BY 2.0)

A new year, a new start, and a new beginning! Time to start fresh and get moving in the right direction! Every year, people everywhere make commitments to be better, but how many of us follow through? This year form New Year’s habits! Add something small to your daily routine to make a huge difference. My goal this year is to go green, and to make sure I go green, I’m going to form green New Year’s habits!

How often have you made a New Year’s resolution to go green or be healthy and expect it to go into effect instantly? Instead of expecting an instant change, make small steps throughout the year to achieve your New Year’s goal. It’s much easier, and it forms a habit that you’ll keep with you for years to come. Forming a habit sounds difficult, but it’s all in the approach!

Go Green Your Life
(Photo by: vennberlabs)

Since we’re aiming to be green this year, here are some habits I’m starting out with:

  • Drink Less Bottled Water
  • Go Vegetarian (or Vegan)
  • Wash your Clothes in Cold Water & Air Dry Them

We’ve set our New Year’s goals. The only problem that remains is how to get moving there. Simply form half habits and timeless habits.

Half Habits. Rather than aim to form a new habit entirely, make small steps towards progress in the direction of going green. For those of you who want to go vegetarian, start eating smaller portions of meat and processed foods before switching out meat entirely. An immediate switch will lead you to feel deprived and more likely to cheat. For those who want to start air drying their clothes, set up a space for it in your apartment or in your backyard specifically for drying clothes. Purchase a rack to dry clothes on, and start using it.

Clothes Drying Wrack with Pins
Hang up your laundry to dry outside with a rack! (Photo by: Conanil)

Timeless Habits. Simply change a timeless habit by switching out items you’d normally use with more eco-friendly options. For those who want to drink less bottled water. switch out your bottled water for a reusable bottle with a filtration device, or if you have water filtration at home, just purchase a biodegradable bottle and fill up at home. When you’re heading to the grocery store, buy soy alternatives instead of meat. Switch out your old cookbook for a vegetarian recipe book.

Vegetarian Recipes
(Photo by: James Dennes)
Green beans with vegetarian chorizo
(Photo by: lablascovegmenu)

Habits are particular to everyone, so the time it takes to form a habit depends on you, but hopefully these tips wi’ll help you accomplish your New Year’s goal and form new lifelong green habits! If you’ve got your own green New Year’s Goal, tell me about it in the comments.