How to have a Green Thanksgiving

Squash, pumpkins, gourds by Sultry/sulky/silly (CC BY 2.0)

Squash, pumpkins, gourds by Sultry/sulky/silly (CC BY 2.0)

Start a new tradition this year for thanksgiving, how about a green Eco-friendly thanksgiving! Here are some ways you can help the planet this thanksgiving and make green Thanksgiving a tradition!

The first step in having a green thanksgiving is buying Eco-friendly utensils. That’s if you are planning to host a thanksgiving dinner and would rather not bother using your own silverware. You can find biodegradable utensils online or in stores. Make sure you purchase 100% biodegradable utensils. Usually many biodegradable utensils also supply other items such as bowls,cups & trash bags.

Biodegradable Forks and Knifes (image by nataliemaynor)

You may also want to make your own dishes and use locally grown food. Purchasing locally grown food is a great way to have a very green thanksgiving. There are many reasons why to purchase locally grown food, because it tastes better, you’re getting the freshest produce, it’s much more nutritious, and it promotes conserving energy. Basically you’re getting more bang for your buck and also supporting local farmers! How cool is that? You can also try to make your dishes organic. It’s another way to have a greener thanksgiving. Organic food is fresh and also it doesn’t come with pesticides, other chemicals and fertilizers. You will definitely do well to your health and also for the environment.

Another way to have a green thanksgiving is to try to travel less. Traveling less and staying home to have thanksgiving is a great way to reduce global warming. Not only are you reducing global warming but also lowering your auto emissions.

Locally Grown Food (Image by walmartcorporate)

Last but not least try making your own green decorations for a green thanksgiving. You can make Eco-friendly decorations and can find them at your local craft store. Try using construction paper and create images of things related to thanksgiving. The best part of using your own decorations is that you can later recycle the decorations for next year’s green thanksgiving.

I would love to hear how you have a green thanksgiving? Will this be your first time having a green thanksgiving? If not, what are some of the things you do to make it a Eco-friendly holiday? Please respond below! I would love to hear!