San Francisco Ranked #1 for Green Job Seekers

Golden Gate Bridge by Salim Virji (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Golden Gate Bridge by Salim Virji (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Californian cities and companies have recently been in the green news. Earlier this month, Santa Clara was ranked EPA’s greenest city, and now in a new article from The Mother Nature Network, California has been ranked the state with the largest number of green jobs. Three CA cities have ranked in the “Top ten cities for new grads seeking green jobs.”

San Francisco was ranked the #1 city with the most green jobs in the county. The city makes up for more than 42, 000 green-collar jobs and recently passed a $100 million in bonds to expand the operation of earth-friendly businesses. San Francisco features green jobs in the energy sector, emissions control, and for LEED-certified architects.

Photo Credit: Flickr user keenduck

Photo Credit: flickr user keenduck

California Academy of the Sciences’ “Living Roof” in San Francisco, CA

Sacramento was the other Northern California city to be mentioned. The state’s capital is reported to have “more than $130 million in clean tech grants that were awarded to organizations in the area.” Sacramento remains the city with the largest green-collar job growth since 1998.

Photo Credit: Flickr user capitol.weekly

Los Angeles was the third and only Southern California city to be mentioned on this list. New legislation in LA requires LEED silver certification standards to be met for all city-owned buildings larger than 7,500 square feet and for buildings built before 1978.

Talk of the first LEED Certified NFL stadium to be placed in Los Angeles, CA

Located in the Los Angeles area, we try to do our part going green. Between using Biodiesel fuel, battery powered lift gates, and even our own coffee mugs, we are doing what we can to make our company as earth-friendly as possible.

What do you do to go green at your workplace? Would you move to one of these CA cities for greater greener job opportunities? Everyone would love to hear!

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