Have a Greener Summer

Go Green!!! by Natesh Ramasamy (CC BY 2.0)

Go Green!!! by Natesh Ramasamy (CC BY 2.0)

Green SummerAs we approach the longest months of summer, you might be using more energy than you realize. The bills are going up and so is the Earth’s carbon dioxide level. What can you do to beat the heat, bank some cash, and save the planet?

Use your fans and windows at home: Air conditioning contributes to smog (especially in big cities) on top of other things. Try using more fans during the day and opening bedroom windows at night.

Sunscreen: Protect yourself against the sun’s rays. Get the right sunscreen for you. Remember, a higher SPF isn’t always the most effective: The 2010 Sunscreen Guide

Have a greener BBQ: Believe it or not, there is a green alternative to the traditional BBQ. “Gas, propane and electric grills, while not perfect, burn cleaner and more efficiently than charcoal or wood…” Learn more at: Thedailygreen.com

Clean the beach: Why not volunteer for a green event! It’s summertime and you will most likely be finding yourself on the sand and in the water. This year, why not try a cleaner and greener beach trip. If your in Southern California, participate in a Heal the Bay “Nothin’ But Sand” Beach Cleanup. I recommend joining the sign-up list to find out when and where the next clean-up is. If you’re really ambitious, try getting a group together and Adopt a-Beach.

Have any green summer tips? Everyone would love to hear!

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Have a green summer!